The Canaan Project FREE on Amazon today!

That's right, The Canaan Project, a speculative/sci fi novelette is FREE today! Here's the summary: A crucial mission. A plan. A remnant preserved. Captain Margot Lisieux left Earth hoping to find a new home. She found a terrible plot instead, threatening The Canaan Project's very survival. Strung between death and life, Captain Lisieux must face … Continue reading The Canaan Project FREE on Amazon today!

What’s new? Author spotlight, ebook giveaway, and more!

Wow, it's been a busy weekend!  I was interviewed by accomplished author and blogger J. Scott Coatsworth about writing, life, and my latest novel, Mouse.  You can win a free copy of the ebook and learn a little bit about me by heading over to his blog now- check it out here. On the publishing … Continue reading What’s new? Author spotlight, ebook giveaway, and more!

New Speculative Sci Fi- The Canaan Project

Crisp weather, turning leaves, and pumpkin spice are once again upon us here in eastern PA, which means summer went by entirely too fast for my liking. Despite my best efforts, I did not finish drafting Fox, the next installment of The Elmnas Chronicles, by summer's end. That's the bad news. The good news? I've … Continue reading New Speculative Sci Fi- The Canaan Project

Read, Reading, To Be Read- May 2019 Edition

I haven't had much time for posting the last two months, but I did do a heckuva a lot of writing, editing, and READING! Fruits of my feverish editing and writing came in two forms: the publication of my debut novel, The Elmnas Chronicles: Mouse and an admirable start to its sequel during Camp Nanowrimo. … Continue reading Read, Reading, To Be Read- May 2019 Edition

Fiction Publishers List- Find a home for your book!

  A few weeks ago I reposted a list of SFF magazines ranked from best to worst accepting submissions here. Author Katy Nicholas of The Twisted Siren has done all the legwork in this next reblog for long-form fiction. These publishers accept submissions from un-agented authors, and judging by the names of some of them, … Continue reading Fiction Publishers List- Find a home for your book!

49 Sci-Fi/Fantasy Magazines Ranked from Best to Worst

Not only is this a great list to find new science fiction and fantasy reads, but if you’re a scifi/fantasy writer looking to submit your work, you can start here! Check it out!

Planetary Defense Command

In my last post, I explained why I’ve cut off my first round of magazine reviews at 49, and described my ranking method.  So, on to the results, giving my first issue of each magazine an Olympic-style score from 10 to 1:

[WARNING:  Do not go to the website of Red Sun Magazine, as its domain registration expired and was taken over by scammers.  The link below is to my review of the magazine, not to the scammer website.  It is still safe to go to their facebook or twitter accounts, or to buy their magazine at Amazon.]


Red Sun Magazine



Space and Time

Beneath Ceaseless Skies



Heroic Fantasy Quarterly


Sci Phi Journal


Perihelion SF

Andromeda Spaceways In-Flight Magazine

Fantasy Scroll

Astounding Frontiers

Albedo One

Mothership Zeta

Just a Minor Malfunction



Compelling SF

Nebula Rift

Plasma Frequency

Deep Magic

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Book Review: I am Legend

The science fiction horror novel, I am Legend, imagines a post-apocalyptic world in which a pandemic decimates the human population. The first casualties of the pandemic rise again and walk the earth at night as vampiric creatures until everyone is either infected or feasted upon. Everyone, that is, except Robert Neville. Robert Neville, the last surviving … Continue reading Book Review: I am Legend

Book Review: Ender’s Game

Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card After reading Hugo and Nebula awards-winning novella, Binti (reviewed here), I knew I wanted to see more from the awards list. First up- Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card. In this first science fiction novel of the Ender Quartet, the world is at war- not with itself, but with a horrifying … Continue reading Book Review: Ender’s Game

Read, Reading, and To Be Read: October Edition

Is it really mid-October already? This autumn is just FLYING by and it only just got that crisp, cool-weather feel like three days ago. Well, I'll enjoy it while I can! Between the latest (and maybe LAST! *SQUEE!*) round of edits for my forthcoming novel, hospital stays, and you know, life in general, reading has … Continue reading Read, Reading, and To Be Read: October Edition

An unexpected journey: Updates from the blog

This past week I took an unintentional and unexpected journey. No, I didn't travel miles of peril-fraught lands in the company of dwarves to burgle a dragon's lair, but I did journey to the ER! I had acquired a kidney stone and then sepsis, so my excursion lasted a few days. It may surprise you, … Continue reading An unexpected journey: Updates from the blog