Read, Reading, To Be Read- May 2019 Edition

I haven't had much time for posting the last two months, but I did do a heckuva a lot of writing, editing, and READING! Fruits of my feverish editing and writing came in two forms: the publication of my debut novel, The Elmnas Chronicles: Mouse and an admirable start to its sequel during Camp Nanowrimo. … Continue reading Read, Reading, To Be Read- May 2019 Edition

Book Review: I am Legend

The science fiction horror novel, I am Legend, imagines a post-apocalyptic world in which a pandemic decimates the human population. The first casualties of the pandemic rise again and walk the earth at night as vampiric creatures until everyone is either infected or feasted upon. Everyone, that is, except Robert Neville. Robert Neville, the last surviving … Continue reading Book Review: I am Legend

Read, Reading, and To Be Read: October Edition

Is it really mid-October already? This autumn is just FLYING by and it only just got that crisp, cool-weather feel like three days ago. Well, I'll enjoy it while I can! Between the latest (and maybe LAST! *SQUEE!*) round of edits for my forthcoming novel, hospital stays, and you know, life in general, reading has … Continue reading Read, Reading, and To Be Read: October Edition

Published TODAY! Pennsylvania’s Emerging Writers Anthology

It's here!  Pennsylvania's Emerging Writers: An Anthology of Fiction is printed and ready to ship to your mailbox TODAY! Pick up your own copy to read my contribution, "The Rift," and let me know what you think! I love anthologies because they provide a place to sample many voices at a time, especially newer voices that you may … Continue reading Published TODAY! Pennsylvania’s Emerging Writers Anthology

Friday Frippery: Famous Authors’ Rejections

Thanks to an ever-growing pile of rejections I've collected over the past few months, I've been pondering the place of the rejection letter in the life of a writer. Am I submitting to the wrong places? Does my work need to be more polished? Is it simply supply and demand? Each of those questions could … Continue reading Friday Frippery: Famous Authors’ Rejections

Audible’s Laudables: Monster Hunter International

On this blog's installment of Audible's Laudables, I present to you Monster Hunter International by Larry Correia. Owen Zastava Pitt is just a normal accountant suffering through the daily grind when his boss tries to eat him. Surviving the incredible encounter, Owen understands the unbelievable, bone-chilling truth: monsters exist, and they are everywhere. His performance, … Continue reading Audible’s Laudables: Monster Hunter International