Tuesday Frippery: I write like…

Tuesday Frippery isn't as catchy as the alliterative Friday Frippery, I know. But given that it's a lame Tuesday in southeastern PA thanks to some dreadful weather, I know I could use a little frivolity. Thankfully, I stumbled upon this fascinating website: I Write Like. The idea is you enter a writing sample, the algorithm … Continue reading Tuesday Frippery: I write like…

Read, reading, and to be read

I might not be the most fastidious when it comes to regular blogging, but this month I at least have a good reason! I've upped my game when it comes to reading and writing. As much as I really love keeping up this blog, I think my time (and maybe yours, too) is better spent … Continue reading Read, reading, and to be read

Darned Good Deals for the Dog Days

As the saying goes, "The road to hell is paved with good intentions," and I spent this past week laying my share of asphalt. Yes, despite my good intentions, I DIDN'T finish the book I wanted to review, nor have I done much of anything except pull my hair out.  But! I did sign up for … Continue reading Darned Good Deals for the Dog Days

Friday Frippery: Famous Authors’ Rejections

Thanks to an ever-growing pile of rejections I've collected over the past few months, I've been pondering the place of the rejection letter in the life of a writer. Am I submitting to the wrong places? Does my work need to be more polished? Is it simply supply and demand? Each of those questions could … Continue reading Friday Frippery: Famous Authors’ Rejections

Friday Frippery: Lord of the Memes

The Lord of the Rings Trilogy is one of the most discussed fantasy works of all time, and ever since my generation really started to get into LOTR, we've hotly debated and contested many things about it.  Are the movies a good gateway or downright blasphemous? Is The Silmarillion boring as heck or a masterpiece? … Continue reading Friday Frippery: Lord of the Memes

Sometimes, they just make coffee cups too small… — raynotbradbury

I've never been able to resist a cup of coffee, so how could I resist reblogging this delightfully quote-filled post about coffee? If you're wondering, @raynotbradbury, I usually take mine bold, freshly ground, and with a little honey or sugar. Oh, and I'm stealing some of these quotes for my coffee-centric instagram posts, which always fair … Continue reading Sometimes, they just make coffee cups too small… — raynotbradbury

Friday Frippery: Lousy Book Covers

Even though I'm going the traditional publishing route, I've been spending some time in indie author groups on Facebook for tips on marketing, social media use, comparing titles within my genre, and the like. Traditional publishing certainly covers the upfront cost that self-publishing presents, but unless you've signed with a big publishing house, you still … Continue reading Friday Frippery: Lousy Book Covers

Friday Frippery: A Tale of Two Lukes

OK Star Wars nerds- how angry did The Last Jedi make you? As a casual Star Wars fan, I saw it in theaters and initially enjoyed the movie...and then my husband and I discussed it afterward. For the better part of the night I learned what an egregious desecration The Last Jedi was to the … Continue reading Friday Frippery: A Tale of Two Lukes

Friday Frippery: Elcors and Coffee

I've spent an inordinate amount of time badly doodling nerdy jokes about coffee and Elcors onto this $8 chalkboard that I'm sure I'm supposed to write cliché sayings about family on instead. But here's the problem: Elcors are adorable and right now I just want to talk about how inventive the Mass Effect franchise was. … Continue reading Friday Frippery: Elcors and Coffee