Read, Reading, and To be Read: January 2019

All you book bloggers out there are great, you know that? Not only do you share so many fantastic books I probably would not have heard of otherwise, but you also keep me accountable in my own reading. So book bloggers and those who benefit from your hours of sifting, reading, and analyzing- here's to … Continue reading Read, Reading, and To be Read: January 2019


Audible’s (sort of) Laudables: The Witcher Series

For the better part of this year, I ate, slept, and breathed The Witcher series. It's easy to do on Audible- you finish one book and hey look! You've got another credit, want to buy the next book? To which I said, "YES PLEASE WHAT HAPPENS NEXT" thanks to Andrzej Sapkowski's affinity for cliffhangers. While … Continue reading Audible’s (sort of) Laudables: The Witcher Series

Read, reading, and to be read

I might not be the most fastidious when it comes to regular blogging, but this month I at least have a good reason! I've upped my game when it comes to reading and writing. As much as I really love keeping up this blog, I think my time (and maybe yours, too) is better spent … Continue reading Read, reading, and to be read

Audio Review: The Chronicles of Narnia

Q: How do you survive an entire day of driving with a carsickness-prone preschooler and an infant? A: Coffee, snacks, your best Disney playlists, and AUDIOBOOKS. And what better stories to introduce to your kids for the first time than those of Narnia? As previously mentioned on this blog, I'm forever in love with C.S. … Continue reading Audio Review: The Chronicles of Narnia

Audible’s Laudables: The Last Wish

Since my last Audible's Laudables, I've tried and failed to listen to two separate works by G.K. Chesterton. Orthodoxy, I think, is just too dense to absorb without being able to re-read paragraphs 4 or 5 times, and while I did get through a portion of The Man Who Knew Too Much, I wasn't feeling … Continue reading Audible’s Laudables: The Last Wish

Audible’s Laudables: Monster Hunter International

On this blog's installment of Audible's Laudables, I present to you Monster Hunter International by Larry Correia. Owen Zastava Pitt is just a normal accountant suffering through the daily grind when his boss tries to eat him. Surviving the incredible encounter, Owen understands the unbelievable, bone-chilling truth: monsters exist, and they are everywhere. His performance, … Continue reading Audible’s Laudables: Monster Hunter International