Pass the pie

I know I promised a review, but it turns out I'm a chronic overscheduler and said "yes!" when I ought to have said "oh, heck no!"  It looks like I take after my dear, sweet, constantly late grandmother after all. And, as I've primarily spent the last 24 hours baking, I'd like to take this … Continue reading Pass the pie


Words of wisdom for a Wednesday WIP

One of the more difficult things a writer experiences is a correct view of their work. While I think most of us usually come down on the "I'm trash and everything I've ever written is trash" end of the continuum, sometimes we also lean hard into the "I'm amazing and everything I've written is gold" … Continue reading Words of wisdom for a Wednesday WIP

Let’s go to camp!

Thanks to Holy Week and Easter, my mind has been too occupied for reviews and new reads, but I do have one planned for an oldie (but a goodie) and something new that maybe I didn't like as much. In the mean time, I stumbled across something pretty cool: Camp NaNoWriMo! As you might have guessed, … Continue reading Let’s go to camp!