Into Yellow and Onto Summer- Writing Updates

As summer begins, a bit of normalcy returns here to my home in southeastern PA. We've just emerged from the state's mandated stay-at-home order into what is called the "yellow" phase. As our COVID-19 cases start to drop off, we're back to the office, back to church, and back to limited, cautious time with other … Continue reading Into Yellow and Onto Summer- Writing Updates

Quarantine, drafts, and homeschooling

  I hope this post finds all of you well and safe at home during this strange and unsettling time. Where I am located, we are shut down and sheltering in place. From just a few weeks ago from when the first case of COVID-19 showed up, the number of infections has increased rapidly, so … Continue reading Quarantine, drafts, and homeschooling

Character Art for The Elmnas Chronicles!

Between reading, writing, and living, it's been a phenomenally busy summer! I'm still working on that IFA Summer Challenge (with some recommendations coming your way in a post later this week) and working steadily through Fox (up to about 45k now, and still going!) But first- CHARACTER ART! The amazing Danae Keener did character cards for … Continue reading Character Art for The Elmnas Chronicles!

Words of wisdom for a Wednesday WIP

One of the more difficult things a writer experiences is a correct view of their work. While I think most of us usually come down on the "I'm trash and everything I've ever written is trash" end of the continuum, sometimes we also lean hard into the "I'm amazing and everything I've written is gold" … Continue reading Words of wisdom for a Wednesday WIP

Let’s go to camp!

Thanks to Holy Week and Easter, my mind has been too occupied for reviews and new reads, but I do have one planned for an oldie (but a goodie) and something new that maybe I didn't like as much. In the mean time, I stumbled across something pretty cool: Camp NaNoWriMo! As you might have guessed, … Continue reading Let’s go to camp!