Audible’s Laudables: The Infernal City

Today is my blog-aversary! (That doesn’t work, does it? Oh well.)

The post below is my very first review, appearing on Far Kingdoms on this day one year ago. What a ride it’s been- and how many fantastic books I’ve read because of it. Happy Flashback Friday- go read a good book!

far kingdoms

A tale of two mornings:

  1. It’s a lazy Saturday. You wake up at 10 to the gentle thrumming of rain outside your window and the smell of breakfast wafting through your door. Your significant other hands you a cup of coffee (or tea, if you like), and you curl up on the couch with a new book, drinking in that sweet caffeinated goodness and fresh imaginative world alike.
  2. Your alarm bleats angrily and you come to, bleary-eyed and hungover (you weren’t drinking, of course, that’s just how morning feels now), and suddenly there’s a toddler standing on your pillow demanding pancakes.  You look at the clock– it’s 6:33 AM. Your significant other rolls over and somehow ignores the child and the wailing now coming through the nursery monitor. There’s a book sitting on your bedside table; you’re on page two.

Hyperbole aside, if your days look more like scenario #2…

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