Audible’s Laudables: The Last Wish

Since my last Audible's Laudables, I've tried and failed to listen to two separate works by G.K. Chesterton. Orthodoxy, I think, is just too dense to absorb without being able to re-read paragraphs 4 or 5 times, and while I did get through a portion of The Man Who Knew Too Much, I wasn't feeling … Continue reading Audible’s Laudables: The Last Wish


Book Review- Mass Effect: Revelation

As usual, I've over-promised and under-delivered, but here's the review I know you were all so anxiously anticipating! For the sake of depth and clarity, I am focusing on the first book in the Mass Effect novel series: Revelation by Drew Karpyshyn. A prequel to the first Mass Effect game by Bioware, Revelation fills in … Continue reading Book Review- Mass Effect: Revelation

Friday Frippery: Elcors and Coffee

I've spent an inordinate amount of time badly doodling nerdy jokes about coffee and Elcors onto this $8 chalkboard that I'm sure I'm supposed to write clichรฉ sayings about family on instead. But here's the problem: Elcors are adorable and right now I just want to talk about how inventive the Mass Effect franchise was. … Continue reading Friday Frippery: Elcors and Coffee