Into Yellow and Onto Summer- Writing Updates


As summer begins, a bit of normalcy returns here to my home in southeastern PA. We’ve just emerged from the state’s mandated stay-at-home order into what is called the “yellow” phase. As our COVID-19 cases start to drop off, we’re back to the office, back to church, and back to limited, cautious time with other people. And with school finally over and swimming weather definitely here, it’s starting to feel like vacation!

Of course, the cessation of some activities means the ramping up of others. I’m still working on getting the draft of Fox ready for the publisher, and in the mean time, I’ve started on the third and final installment of The Elmnas Chronicles. It’s definitely shaping up and building on the intensity that you’ll find in book 2.  Now, if only I could write faster, and I could get both stories out to you sooner! And that’s not even touching a brand new epic fantasy series also in the works…

Whoa, you’re getting crazy and you need to stop it

I know I’m not a content-spitting machine, but I do have something fun and new to share: next Thursday, I’ll be joining Andy Peloquin and Stevie Collier on The Fantasy Fiends podcast as a guest. Be sure to tune in at 8:30 PM EST for a rousing conversation about fantasy fiction and the things we love best about it!

That’s all for now- until next time!

2 thoughts on “Into Yellow and Onto Summer- Writing Updates

  1. I totally get that. I haven’t been as productive as I wanted to be, to be honest! I finished the 2nd book draft just as quarantine started…it’s been slow going on the third. Maybe we all need to give ourselves a little more grace during these chaotic times and maybe leaving the laptop closed is a good thing!


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