Quarantine, drafts, and homeschooling

person holding a mug
This is unrealistic, you guys- who reads an actual newspaper?


I hope this post finds all of you well and safe at home during this strange and unsettling time. Where I am located, we are shut down and sheltering in place. From just a few weeks ago from when the first case of COVID-19 showed up, the number of infections has increased rapidly, so we’re doing our best to flatten the curve.

I’m thankful that we are safe and healthy, but quarantine has led to some big adjustments. The office for my day job is shut down, which means all of us are working from home. That in itself isn’t a big shift for me- I was already doing half my work from home, anyway- but giving the proper attention to detail required for magazine editing is a challenge with little ones running around! It doesn’t help that my husband is essential personnel and is still out of the house for most of the day. On top of trying to juggle my job and manage kids, I’m now homeschooling my oldest. At least we’re busy!

Here are my kids counting rocks, because that counts as school

Even so, quarantine could be a lot worse. With everything cancelled for the foreseeable future, I’ve been able to squeeze more writing into my schedule. I managed to finish and edit the draft of Fox, the second book of The Elmnas Chronicles (yay!). Pending outside edits and counter revisions, I’m planning to have this off to the publisher within a month (double yay!) When I let the publisher know that, I was told to go ahead and get the next book ready, too.

don t panic sticker on sign
Too late

Well, I guess I couldn’t have asked for a better time to fast-track a novel!

With that said, you probably won’t hear much from me here, other than project updates or deals I can throw your way. I’m louder on Facebook and Instagram, so please visit me there to keep current on The Elmnas Chronicles and other projects!

Otherwise, stay isolated and safe! Let me know how you’re riding out quarantine below!





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