What’s new? Author spotlight, ebook giveaway, and more!


Wow, it’s been a busy weekend!  I was interviewed by accomplished author and blogger J. Scott Coatsworth about writing, life, and my latest novel, Mouse.  You can win a free copy of the ebook and learn a little bit about me by heading over to his blog now- check it out here.

On the publishing front, my brand new speculative novelette, The Canaan Project, published yesterday and is now available on Kindle. A mission to space to save a remnant from Earth- what could go wrong? (psst, a lot.) If you like murder, artificial intelligence, and Roman Catholics in space, you’ll love this quick read.

As for works in progress- Fox is still underway, and I can’t stop thinking about another WIP, tentatively called The Tower of Cortico, which I hope will follow soon after. As a high-seas adventure fantasy with overt magic systems and multiple races, it’ll be a bit different from The Elmnas Chronicles, but nonetheless I hope just as exciting and fast-paced!

I’m also reading a lot and can’t wait to share a few reviews of books I’ve read for the IFA Summer Reading Challenge. So many good books and so little time! If you haven’t already, check out the list and give these incredible indie authors a chance. You won’t regret it!

Now it’s your turn- what’s new for you? Share your good news, writing updates, and latest reads below!







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