New Speculative Sci Fi- The Canaan Project

Crisp weather, turning leaves, and pumpkin spice are once again upon us here in eastern PA, which means summer went by entirely too fast for my liking. Despite my best efforts, I did not finish drafting Fox, the next installment of The Elmnas Chronicles, by summer’s end. That’s the bad news. The good news? I’ve got something new for you to read while you wait.

The Canaan Project is a blood-soaked apocalyptic space tale that confronts questions of life, death, and faith. Here’s the summary of this fast-paced novelette:

The Canaan Project Cover

A crucial mission. A plan. A remnant preserved. Captain Margot Lisieux left Earth hoping to find a new home. She found a terrible plot instead, threatening The Canaan Project’s very survival. Strung between death and life, Captain Lisieux must face the truth: Earth’s final hope may hold no hope at all.
You can read The Canaan Project on Kindle here for just $2.99, or FREE for Kindle Unlimited readers!

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