Reading, writing, and writing some more

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This summer I gave myself two goals: read more and finish drafting my sequel to The Elmnas Chronicles: Mouse.

I have begun tackling the first with the IFA Summer Challenge, which has been oodles of fun. Recently I finished Pursuit of Shadows by JA Andrews and Ranger’s Folly by JT Williams. Andrews’ second installment of the Keeper Chronicles certainly did not disappoint, and Ranger’s Folly was a cool introduction into Williams’ world.

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I’m now reading Waters of Salt and Sin by Alisha Klapheke. Only a few chapters in and I’m loving the creative non-eurocentric fantasy world, salt-based magic, and the distinct caste-system that affects the protagonist so deeply. I’m really looking forward to where it ends up.

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With a credit to burn on Audible, I picked up Paternus by Dyrk Ashton at the recommendation of some fellow readers. I tend toward epic fantasy, but I’m also a sucker for urban fantasy (like Monster Hunter International- review here) and Paternus is scratching that itch for me with its terrifying monsters, original takes on mythological deities, and cool characters.

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As for my second goal, I’m chipping away at it with more slowness than I’d like. Probably because I keep procrastinating by reading. Still, I’m almost 30,000 words in, armed with a brand new laptop (yay, shiny new toys!) and a number of exasperated ARE YOU FINISHED THE SECOND BOOK YETs from a group of readers who enjoyed this WIP’s predecessor.

Just to whet your whistle, here’s the working synopsis for book 2: The Elmnas Chronicles: Fox

After losing Mouse and Toma into the wilds of Elmnas, the bounty huntress Fox must recapture her quarry and deliver her current catch to Reidara’s most ruthless crimelord in exchange for her own safety. But when Fox finds herself at a crossroads, she will be forced to reconsider her path. Meanwhile, the two youths find refuge in the priory of the Ameliorites, where new visions, information, and help spur them on to a clandestine Elmnas council– or so they hope. New friends, old enemies, and the movement of an ancient power will change everything Mouse thought she knew.

I don’t want to give too much away, but I’ve been able to build more world lore and back story into this one as we branch out from Mouse’s limited perspective. I’m excited. World building is TOO MUCH FUN.

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If you haven’t read Mouse yet but want to, look for it now on Kindle Unlimited for free! Don’t have KU? No worries. Starting July 15th, you’ll be able to purchase the ebook for a limited promotional price of $.99 (and I’ll remind you when the day arrives!)

Also, I’m always looking for honest reviews on Goodreads and Amazon, and now Bookbub. I love the feedback I’ve been getting, but please share them there, too! A special thanks to fellow book blogger and accomplished author Victoria Ray for her stellar review! Make sure to stop by and check out her work.

Your turn- what are you reading and/or writing this summer? Share your favorite reads and WIPs below! 

6 thoughts on “Reading, writing, and writing some more

  1. Right now I’m working my way through the Travis McGee series of mysteries by John D. McDonald (currently about halfway through Book 2), and I’ll be picking up the latest entry in Larry Correa’s Monster Hunter International series when it hits shelves next month. Haven’t read Mouse yet, but it’s on my “To Be Read” list (that never seems to get any shorter!).

    On the writing front, I’ve restarted a pair of hard-boiled neo-noir(ish) mysteries that I initially started before my last semester of grad school. Only my muse bit me over the weekend, so now I’m also brainstorming a third hard-boiled neo-noir(ish) mystery. Fortunately, they all star the same protagonist, so it’s been fairly easy to keep them all straight.

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