Looking back: 2018 in review


2018. What a year! Looking back, it was year of health crises, personal struggle, and financial frustration. But it was also a year of firsts; of groundbreaking achievements and tangible production.

The firsts I celebrated this year:

  • My son’s first birthday
  • My first round of publisher’s edits on my first fantasy novel
  • The Philadelphia Eagles’ first SUPERBOWL win
  • My first kidney stone (and hopefully the last!)
  • My first published short story
  • My first book blog with regular updates (psst, it’s this one!)

Wow, that looks nice in bullet points, doesn’t it? But the bullet points can’t show how much failure preceded success. (Looking at you, Eagles.) Failure was my teacher, and I’ve learned a lot this year. I know better now how to prioritize my time, the utmost importance of reading widely, and that everything I write is valuable but not necessarily print-worthy. I’ve learned that failure and success go hand-in-hand, and that every rejection is an opportunity to get better. Ultimately, 2018 made failure a lot less frightening.

As I step into 2019, I hope to embrace failure, and I hope you can, too. Happy New Year, everyone- and may failure bring many of your firsts.






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