An unexpected journey: Updates from the blog

This- with trolls, goblins, big ol’ spiders, dragons and all- was arguably a better journey than the unexpected one I got

This past week I took an unintentional and unexpected journey. No, I didn’t travel miles of peril-fraught lands in the company of dwarves to burgle a dragon’s lair, but I did journey to the ER! I had acquired a kidney stone and then sepsis, so my excursion lasted a few days.

ambulance architecture building business
Can confirm: kidney stones are worse than labor

It may surprise you, but completing (seemingly) leisurely activities like reading, writing, and blogging while convalescing in a hospital bed is much easier said than done. Instead, the extent of my concentration was pretty much limited to Chopped and House Hunters reruns.

The Things We Do for Love: “Chopped”! | Life on the Road ...
Your baskets include: live snakes, badger milk, a vial of unidentified tears, and kale. Good luck!

Thankfully, I had finished Ender’s Game before all the excitement took place and was able to get a few chapters of  I Am Legend when the pain meds were working. Expect a review for Ender’s Game soon, but a little spoiler for you: it might be the best book I’ve read in 2018. Now that I’m feeling better, I’m breezing through I Am Legend and it is shockingly (but enjoyably) different from the film version.

Barring any further unexpected journeys, I’ll have more reviews and good reads coming your way. And yes, even though my TBR list is long enough already, recommend your favorite and/or latest read! I’d love to check it out! Until then:

Hi-Yah! You’ve been Chopped! | killing time between meals
“You didn’t transform the tears in your dish and you over-cooked the snakes. For that reason, we had to chop you.”

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