Darned Good Deals for the Dog Days

As the saying goes, “The road to hell is paved with good intentions,” and I spent this past week laying my share of asphalt. Yes, despite my good intentions, I DIDN’T finish the book I wanted to review, nor have I done much of anything except pull my hair out.  But! I did sign up for a new e-reading app (Kobo) and buy more books on both Kobo and Kindle because I HAVE A SERIOUS PROBLEM SOMEONE HELP ME.

You won’t help, will you? No, you won’t. You can’t. You’re all ENABLERS.

Anyway, I found some stellar deals for fantasy and sci fi books I’ve heard good things about, so I’m sharing the wealth. Check it out below!

The Dragon Songs Saga: The Complete Epic Quartet by JC Kang

The Dragon Songs Saga: The Complete Epic Quartet by [Kang, JC]


I’ve heard a lot of great things about The Dragon Songs Saga and what’s more, it’s fantasy set in an ancient Chinese-like world instead of your typical European/Western centered fantasy. Just purchased the entire set for only 99 cents on Kindle!

Slaughterhouse-Five by Kurt Vonnegut

Slaughterhouse-Five by [Vonnegut, Kurt]

Only $1.99 today, and this one’s a classic I can’t recommend enough.

Star Trek Destiny #1: Gods of Night by David Mack

Star Trek: Destiny #1: Gods of Night by [Mack, David]

Are you a fan of Star Trek DS9 and/or TNG? Do you like reading? This 99 cent kindle deal might just be for you!

Also heads up- subsequent books in this series appear to follow Picard and Riker and are also 99 cents! Get your Star Trek fix bruh!

Echo by Kent Wayne

Echo Volume 1:  Approaching Shatter by [Wayne, Kent]

I follow Kent here on WordPress as the bawdy Dirty Sci-Fi Buddha. Man, this guy is engaging and funny.  His first book in the Echo series is available for 99 cents on Kindle!

I am Legend by Richard Matheson

I Am Legend by [Matheson, Richard]

I was so intrigued by the movie that I knew the idea came from somewhere else. Lo and behold- ’twas a book, and from what I’ve heard, has a much better ending than its cinematic counterpart. Only $3.49 on Kindle here!

Mimi of the Nowhere by Michael Kilman

Mimi of the Nowhere ebook by Michael Kilman

Heard about this author through Facebook and am really intrigued by the story’s concept. As a short read, you should be able to breeze through in an afternoon AND it’s currently FREE on Kobo. If you want to get a taste for Michael’s writing style, you can follow his blog, Loridian’s Laboratory, here.

Fool’s Assassin by Robin Hobb

Fool's Assassin - Book I of the Fitz and the Fool Trilogy ebook by Robin Hobb

Again, Robin Hobb’s books come highly recommended and this deal on Kobo is only $1.99. Snatch it up!


The Greatest SF Stories of Philip K. Dick

The Greatest SF Stories of Philip K. Dick - 34 Titles in One Volume ebook by Philip K. Dick

A collection of short stories by Philip K. Dick, author of Blade Runner and Electric Dreams, among others. Only 99 cents on Kobo!

The Collected Works of H.G. Wells

Collected Works of H. G. Wells (Delphi Classics) ebook by H. G. Wells,Delphi Classics

This deal is unbelievable. All of H.G. Wells for only $1.99 on Kobo. I feel like you can’t pass something like that up.


Plenty to jump into for the remainder of the dog days of summer! Happy reading!


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