Friday Frippery: Elcors and Coffee

I've spent an inordinate amount of time badly doodling nerdy jokes about coffee and Elcors onto this $8 chalkboard that I'm sure I'm supposed to write cliché sayings about family on instead. But here's the problem: Elcors are adorable and right now I just want to talk about how inventive the Mass Effect franchise was. … Continue reading Friday Frippery: Elcors and Coffee


Milestone: 20 Followers! THANK YOU!

Just wanted to say a big thank you and shout out to those who have followed, liked, commented, and overall enjoyed Far Kingdoms. We've hit a milestone here- 20 followers! Here's to you, my friends! 20 followers may not seem like a big deal (actually, it probably isn't), but I really only expected my mom … Continue reading Milestone: 20 Followers! THANK YOU!

Book Review: Omens of Fury (The Days of Ash and Fury Trilogy)

Lately I've been exploring newer reads in the broader fantasy genre, and I came across this great facebook group devoted to epic fantasy. The group of authors who sponsor the page frequently run irresistible Kindle deals, which has enabled me to pick up quite a few 99 cent novels! The first book I read was … Continue reading Book Review: Omens of Fury (The Days of Ash and Fury Trilogy)